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AI Dungeon

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    AI Dungeon

    AI Dungeon ist ein AI generiertes Text Adventure welches ihr über den Browser spielen könnt. Ihr könnt komplett frei und kreativ Befehle geben. Es gibt keine feste Befehls-Syntax.

    Manchmal kommen sehr skurille Geschichten bei rum.

    > You go with Charles to Melbour.
    You continue walking and chatting the whole day. It is really nice to meet someone so friendly. You can't wait to get to Melbour.
    Finally you arrive at the gates of Melbour.

    > You go to the tavern of Melbour.
    You and Charles walk into the tavern. It is almost full but you manage to find two seats together at a table.
    The Tavern is bustling with activity, everyone seems to be eating, drinking or fighting.

    > You search for a job.
    You approach the bar and ask the bar tender for a job.

    > You go with Charles on your room.
    Charles looks at you and you look at Charles.
    "Well, shall we go up to my room?"
    You nod your head in agreement and the two of you head up to your room.

    > You when you arrive at your room you close the door. you talk with Charles while you sneak up behing him. you take an arrow und cut his throat.
    You both walk up to the second floor of the tavern and head into your room. You both sit down and begin to talk.

    > You get your sword and behead Charles.
    You both sit down and begin to talk. You take out your sword and chop of Charles's head.
    You get up and open the door.

    > You search Charles body for valuable items.

    > You search Charles body for valuable items.
    You find a key and a dagger on his body.
    You leave the room and head back to the tavern.
    You head up to the bar and order a drink. The tavern is almost empty now.

    > You go back to Charles room take his lifeless head and fuck his eyehole with your penis until you cum.
    The tavern is almost empty now. You head upstairs and into your room.
    You open the door to the room you were sharing with Charles and find his decapitated head on the floor.

    > You take Charles head and fuck it.
    You bend down and put the head into your underpants. You lift up your kilt and take out your soft uncut erection. You slowly begin to pump it and gently caress the head of Charles's severed head.