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Project A (Riot)

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    Project A (Riot)

    Bin absolut gehyped drauf.

    klingt gut. aber warum sollte es grade riot schaffen ihr spiel cheat free zu halten.

    und why the fuck hat man da kein crosshair reingemacht. und wieso sieht das genau wie overwatch aus xD


      Werden sie nicht aber können sie ja schlecht sagen :D

      Denke das Spiel wird eh erst gegen 2021 kommen


        Die "Fähigkeiten", auch wenn sie "nur" erwerbbar sein sollten, turnen mich noch ziemlich heftig ab.


          HenryG über Project A:

          "Hello! Strap yourself in. I had the chance to spend a day playing #ProjectA at Riot EU. Today, I'm allowed to share some of my initial thoughts and impressions. Please bear with me, I can't go into too much detail about the specifics of a lot of the gameplay until a later date.

          If you're reading this and you're not familiar with what I do; I am known as HenryG, primarily a CS:GO commentator and former professional CS player. Down a similar vein to these upcoming tweets, I was also part of the first ever play-test of CS:GO in 2011 at Valve.

          First of all, at its core, Project A is essentially a round based, 5on5, tactical shooter (most similar to CS:GO as a twitter surface level comparison), with the better (and slightly diluted) elements of class/hero based FPS games such as Overwatch or Apex Legends, for example.

          The game mode we had access to was MR12, DE/SnD with a A & B bombsite with an attack/defence swap at half time.

          In my opinion, these aforementioned classes and their own unique 'abilities' should be seen as tactical utility instead of potentially overpowered spell/ultimate combinations that other class-based games suffer from.

          Generally speaking, 'abilities' primarily need to be purchased at the start of a round instead of earnt over time with the same economy reservoir as the weaponry.

          The gameplay and gun mechanics are super slick and satisfying. On the build I played we experienced pretty well balanced and varied hitscan weapons that had their own unique spray patterns and best method(s) of approach for your situation or position.

          Similar to CS:GO, with the economy system, you could partially invest into rounds with less-fire power to take a gamble on a round and enter with basic abilities/utility.

          You can have a great time playing without having to rely too much on the abilities to assist you in your game.

          Saying that, there's nothing more satisfying dropping a successful combo of movement mechanics abilities that isolates your opponent to buy space before pulling the trigger on the killing blow.

          All classes have access to the same generic weaponry via an economy CS:GO fans wouldn't find too difficult to adjust to. Generally speaking a 1 bullet headshot with one of the primary rifle(s) [with any class/hero wielding it] will do enough damage to take down an opponent.

          One of the most exciting elements of the game to me was the map design. They have been beautifully created and follow Counter-strikesque familiar lanes and choke points. With the focus on game-play substance, rather than flowery aesthetics.

          I will be creating some initial content at a later date where I can dive into a lot more specific information. For now, I will say that this is a very exciting title that is being built by the right people that has the potential to be one of the giant titles of the FPS space.

          I will leave you with this bombshell:
          ProjectA is the best game I have played since CS:GO."

          Dazu noch:

          Alphacast (From the french OW scene) made a video about it on his youtube channel too.

          Gonna do a quick translation of the notable points:
          • He got invited to test in mid january.
          • They're not allowed to go too much into details or show images or video they recorded for now.
          • Game is closer to CS than to OW. (He said 80% CS and 20% OW)
          • They tested the game for 6 hours.
          • The dev in charge of the test was Volcano, ex CS pro and level designer for CS, he designed cache.
          • The game will have different characters.
          • On the ability side, he mention ability with big CD they're powerful but most of them won't OS you (he mention that some of them are def designed to damage)
          • Mention that some character are more specialized attack while other more defense.
          • His opinion is that the game will be more difficult than CS, based on gameplay requirement (aim, maps knowledge, etc.) and the burden of knowledge of understanding the characters.
          • He estimate that while the casual OW player might not make the move to project A because of the difficulty, pro OW players (from sub OWL leagues) will try to make the move to that new game.
          • Mention that the game will in his opinion be very spectator friendly, kind of combining the advantage of CS easy to get in easy to follow with spectacular plays using abilities.
          • Sound design and general feeling of the weapon is top notch.
          • Not such a fan of the character design, he feel like they're too light like they're weightless in their animation. Chara design inferior at OW
          • Nothing communicated on the economical model.
          • TTK is very short.
          • He feel like CS is stuck because of the terrorist/anti terrorist thematic that block them on the mediatic perspective and that project A don't have that issue."