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    Release Notes for 3/1/2021

    2021.03.01 -

    [ Misc ]

    – Fixed a bug that allowed enemy players to spawn outside of their spawn location.
    – Fixed a case where players would see a second bomb in retakes mode.
    – Fixed some cases where dropped weapons exited the play area.

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    Release Notes for 2/17/2021

    2021.02.17 -

    – Anubis
    — Reskinned the signs and information boards
    — Fixed the wallbang through the trim on the mid building between double door and the CT house
    — Added some grenade clips to prevent weird grenade bouncing on A heaven

    – Engage
    — Fixed several visual issues
    — Removed boost spots
    — Updated Bot NAV (Thanks Ham)

    – Apollo
    — Multiple exploits, clipping faults and boosts etc. fix based on the feedback of Oliv1er and timure of the MapInk Discord
    — Fixed spawn boost exploit (thanks Marius)
    — blocked guns going out of CT spawn so much with a big sign. (thanks Fnugz)

    – Frostbite
    — Removed window glass from buildings to improve gameplay
    — Fixed exploit in Town
    — Fixed stuck spots
    — Fixed certain visual errors
    — Adjusted border clipping
    — Fixed floating exploding barrel/turret spawns
    — Adjusted prop fade distance in the bunker
    — Added drone clips to buildings at Tourist and Radio

    – Pings no longer highlight players. This eliminates any instances of being able to reveal a hidden enemy.
    – Fixed a bug which caused the incorrect footstep sounds to be played on some surfaces.
    – Fixed short-handed bonus being given in Guardian mode.
    – Fixed visual shuffle in map vote at end of match.

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    Release Notes for 2/3/2021

    2021.02.03 -


    – Short-handed income is now given after every round regardless of a win or loss.
    – Broken Fang Premier team timeouts have changed from 4x half-minute timeouts to 2x one minute timeouts.

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    Release Notes for 1/28/2021

    2021.01.28 -

    – Logo adjustments on several stickers

    – Fixed bug on guardian mission.

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    Release Notes for 1/27/2021

    2021.01.27 -

    [2020 RMR Stickers]
    – Team Stickers featuring the best-performing regional teams from the 2020 Regional Major Ranking events are now available for purchase. 50% of the proceeds go to the teams who participated in the 2020 RMR.

    – In Competitive and Wingman, if your team has fewer players than the opposing team for 3 or more consecutive rounds in the half, each of your team members will receive a $1000 ‘Shorthanded Loser Income’ following a round loss. This does not apply in cases where a player was kicked.
    – In Competitive and Wingman, each team has one 2 minute technical timeout that will be automatically initiated the first time a teammate disconnects. The timeout will end early if the teammate abandons or reconnects to the match.
    – Pinging now displays the name of the pinged location. (Thanks, VasaLavTV)

    – Added client convar to control automatic parachute behavior. Set cl_parachute_autodeploy 0 to disable automatic parachute activation.

    -Fixed a boost spot near the entrance to A site.
    -Fixed a pixel walk on the door hinges (both doors).
    -Improved the clipping of the roof.
    -Grenades now bounce more predictably off the wall.

    -A site
    -Improved the clipping on the A sign.
    -Fixed a pixel walk on top of the wall.
    -Fixed a gap in the center wall on site.
    -Grenades now bounce more predictably off the A sign, Elysion sign, art on the wall, wall in connector, the wall on site and the poles connecting to the roof.

    -Main hall
    -Grenades now bounce more predictably off the art work and painting.

    -Fixed a boost spot where players were able to jump on top of the waterfalls.
    -Fixed a pixel walk on the lower levels of middle.
    -Fixed a pixel walk on the light fixtures (not sure how you would get up their but you cannot trust anyone).
    -Grenades now bounce of more predictable of the grey poles inserted in the wall, the wall with the waterfalls and the wall near T spawn.

    -CT spawn
    -Fixed a pixel walk on the clock (clock has been made non solid).
    -Fixed a pixel walk on the glass wall.

    -T spawn
    -Fixed a pixel walk on the clock (clock has been made non solid).
    -It is no longer possible to jump on top of the light above the desk.

    -Generally improved the clipping.

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    Release Notes for 1/20/2021

    2021.01.20 -

    [ POSIX ]
    – Updated to the latest version of SDL library for Linux and OSX.

    [ RETAKES ]
    – Improved loadout cards assignment logic.
    – Fixed a crash when players change teams during freeze time.
    – Enemy loadout card no longer provides enemy pistol.
    – Fixed a rare case when an extra C4 could spawn.

    [ MISC ]
    – Adding official game servers in Argentina.
    – Fixed settings search UI for non-Latin languages.
    – Updated AK-47 | Anubis wear alpha

    [ MAPS ]
    -Fixed issues with previous update(thanks Fnugz)
    -Made glass breaking more consistent (thanks T1mure)
    -Replaced and realigned textures
    -Fixed some gun stuck spots (thanks JustAlex)
    -Deleted upsetting bench (thanks sprunk)
    -Realigned some assets (thanks fnugz)
    -Deleted some cans people thought were smoke grenades
    -Fixed boost spots (thanks poop)
    -Reduced assets in giftspot and other general optimizations for lower end computers

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    Release Notes for 1/7/2021

    2021.01.07 -

    [ GAMEPLAY ]
    – When a player disconnects or is kicked in classic competitive and wingman modes, they will no longer be replaced by a bot. If the entire other team leaves, one bot will be left on the other team, idling in spawn.
    – Fixed bots not navigating properly in Warmup arenas.

    – Reduced size of SWAT sleeves matching all existing models.

    [ MISC ]
    – Fixed a crash in Windows dedicated server when “version” command is issued.
    – Pings no longer move when walked over by characters, and will no longer highlight weapons in competitive matches.
    – Adjusted Retakes clip areas in Mirage and Train

    – Accounts that completed government identity verification have been upgraded to CS:GO Prime Account Status for Steam China.

    [ MAPS ]
    – Further optimizations
    – Fixed some clipping bugs

    -Fixed a pixel-gap in the Cargo containers in T-Spawn (Thanks to the perceptive individual that reported it to 3kliksphilip!)
    -Fixed Cargo containers not having their proper colors.
    -Fixed bomb explosions being visible above the A site. (Thanks markman2575!)

    – Removed several boost spots
    – Added stairs in the garage for better rotation flow
    – Breakable glass ceiling around A-site and Mid. Smokes and flashes can now be used on A-site
    – Removed “office” area on mid
    – Added ladder on A upper CT side
    – Both entrances of the hut are now wider for better player traffic flow between A-site and Mid
    – Lowered A upper and bridge to make entire bombsite more readable
    – Removed several awkward angles on A-site
    – Removed excessive areas on A-site
    – Removed clutter on A-site
    – Better FPS around the whole map

    – Widened inner part of connector
    – Reduced size of restaurant corner
    – Adjusted tarp positions on truck to eliminate some angles
    – Lowered half-wall at stairs
    – Adjusted timings by pushing CT spawns back a bit
    – Shifted crates next to tower further towards pit
    – Enhanced visibility for various long range angles
    – Removed electric box next to bikes
    – Reduced amount of breakable glass at shop
    – Blocked angle from CT boost to pit
    – Increased size of ladder hole
    – Added location names
    – Fixed players being able to see into the tower area when boosted at dumpster (u/ReVoLTimE)
    – Fixed some Z-fighting and intersecting geo (Thanks Joaokaka1998)
    – Fixed various visible nodraw textures (Thanks Joaokaka1998, Fnugz, u/TheSpudd, u/ReVoLTimE)
    – Fixed various bomb stuck spots (Thanks Joaokaka1998)
    – Fixed player stuck spot on street (Kerluck)
    – Clipping adjustments throughout the map (Thanks Joaokaka1998, u/ReVoLTimE, Kerluck)
    – Minor visual adjustments and enhancements

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    Zitat von Dosuno. Beitrag anzeigen

    Die Umsetzung ist aber auch eher lala. Du schmeißt ja einfach eine Waffe vor dir auf den Boden. Wieso kann man nicht einfach anfordern und dem kaufen...
    Hätte mir das eher so gewünscht, wie es in valorant ist

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  • Dosuno.
    Zitat von HerrLappen Beitrag anzeigen
    – Donate weapons to teammates in need! Hold the buy menu donation key (CTRL by default) when purchasing a weapon to donate to teammates without dropping your primary weapon. You can change the “Buy Menu Donation Key” in settings.

    Endlich, hat nur ein Jahr gedauert nachdem Overwatch rauskam :D
    Die Umsetzung ist aber auch eher lala. Du schmeißt ja einfach eine Waffe vor dir auf den Boden. Wieso kann man nicht einfach anfordern und dem kaufen...

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  • HerrLappen
    – Donate weapons to teammates in need! Hold the buy menu donation key (CTRL by default) when purchasing a weapon to donate to teammates without dropping your primary weapon. You can change the “Buy Menu Donation Key” in settings.

    Endlich, hat nur ein Jahr gedauert nachdem Overwatch rauskam :D

    edit: meine natürlich valorant..
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    Release Notes for 12/17/2020

    2020.12.17 -

    – Adjusted first person arm models for Operation Broken Fang agents.
    – Adjusted end of match animations for Operation Broken Fang master agents.
    – Fixed a bug that could allow extra stars to be earned from missions. Going forward players will be correctly limited to receiving the total number of stars available from all unlocked cards.
    – Kick player vote is now disabled in Broken Fang Premier pick/ban arenas.
    – Fixed kill distance in missions UI to be correctly rounded for display.

    [ MISC ]
    – Added 2021 Service Medal to be awarded for outstanding service and achievement starting from January 1, 2021 GMT.
    – Donate weapons to teammates in need! Hold the buy menu donation key (CTRL by default) when purchasing a weapon to donate to teammates without dropping your primary weapon. You can change the “Buy Menu Donation Key” in settings.
    – Game settings now have a search box to quickly find and jump to any setting or key binding.
    – Zeus restrictions in Casual, Wingman, and Competitive modes are now the same as all other weapons.
    – Adjusted Retakes clip areas in Inferno, Mirage, Nuke, Train, and Vertigo

    [ MAPS ]
    – Repacked radar

    – Fixed a pixelwalk outside on the glass.
    – Fixed a pixelwalk on the Elysion sign on A site
    – Fixed a pixelwalk on the umbrellas outside.
    – Fixed the pixelwalks on the doorframes
    – Players were able to jump on top of the A sign on A site
    – Player were able to jump on top of the small palm plant
    – Players were able to 2 man boost outside and see into the site from an unfair position
    – Players were able to run boost on the windows railing on A site
    – The ladder outside has been removed
    – Reduced the foilage outside, players were able to hide
    – Waterfalls have been deleted from the white walls. Caused the smoke to become see through.

    – Reduced props that draw for people on very low and low settings to hopefully help FPS levels across the map. (Thanks Shavitish)
    – Reduced CT spawn Cover to make it easier to clear
    – Improved model shuttle collsions to make walking over nicer
    – Reduced non-designed headpeaks across map (Thanks CF-166)
    – Fixed car fade in CT spawn (Thanks Sylikoira)
    – Fixed a few boost exploits
    – Updated to radar to a more simple single layer one
    – Reduced foliage over key angle (Near moonroom/CT spawn)
    – Fixed a number of grammar and spelling mistakes (Thanks Dogman15 + Marisakiri)

    – Widened A main entrance
    – Simplified A connector area
    – Got rid of the deep corner below the windows on A
    – Got rid of the wall near the pillar at Waterfalls A site and reduced some corners to hide in as a CT
    – Some other minor things 3kliksphillip will probably find out

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    Release Notes for 12/9/2020

    2020.12.09 -

    [ MISC ]
    – Ping notifications will fade when aiming near them and be fully transparent when aiming directly at them.
    – Lowered volume of background scenery when Ancient is selected.
    – Lowered volume of female death sounds.
    – Resampled older sounds for HRTF.

    [ MAPS ]

    – Fixed clipbrushes for Retakes.

    – Reduced soundscape volume.
    – Tweaked ambient light levels in some locations.
    – Added additional lights to dark corners.
    – Removed metal pillars by backdoor entrance to B site.
    – Scaffolding by B site can now be shot through.
    – Blocked visibility between boxes on A site.
    – Tweaked blending for better player reads in some locations.
    – Redid visual language of ledges around mid, more obvious what is/isnt pathable.
    – Marked additional props for low end CPU/GPU culling.
    – Mossy walls no longer surface type ‘grass’.
    – Fixed invisible pottery.
    – Removed some visual clutter around backdoor to B.
    – General optimizations.
    – Feneral clipping fixes.
    – Added de_ancient_zoo VMF to SDK for community map makers.

    – Improved performance.
    – Improved loot spawns.
    – Changed certain doors to improve gameplay flow.
    – Fixed reported cases of physics objects falling through displacements.
    – Fixed rare cases of weapon drops getting stuck in the border clipping.

    – Reworked the bar building for improved gameplay.

    – Fixed rare cases of drone deliveries falling through the ground.

    – Clipped fence around the electrical building to allow for easier jumps onto roof.

    [Ski Slopes]
    – Made it easier to grab onto the ladders on the ski lift posts.

    – Fixed floating counter on security gate.

    – Reworked the village buildings for improved gameplay.

    – Fixed various stuck spots.
    – Fixed various spots where loot would get stuck.
    – Avalanche sound is now quieter and plays only after the first wave.

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    Release Notes for 12/7/2020

    2020.12.07 -

    [ MISC ]
    – Fixed a crash related to pinging rotating car model in Engage.
    – Fixed Operation Shop buttons to appear correctly on OSX and Linux.
    – Fixed a rare bug when several Broken Fang Premier game settings could get applied in regular Competitive matches.
    – Added background movie fallbacks.

    [ MAPS ]

    – Blocked off construction corner.
    – Added new cover for players entering the site from connector.
    – Pulled drop a little closer to site.
    – Shifted all covers on site to adjust angles towards bridge and archway.
    – Slightly shifted connector between back alley and site.
    – Partially restricted sightline between connector and pit.
    – Decreased depth of restaurant corner.
    – Decreased depth of VOOLT corner.
    – Mitigated head peek close at stairs tunnel.
    – Slightly mitigated head peek behind dumpster.
    – Added minor visual details.
    – Various texture updates.
    – Dehexagonized beer bottles.
    – Removed collision on window planters (Thanks Bubza101).
    – Fixed missing faces on beer crates.
    – Fixed a pixel gap on street (Thanks u/iBearably).
    – Fixed grammatical errors on street signs (Thanks Sysel).

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    Release Notes for 12/4/2020

    2020.12.04 -

    [ MISC ]

    – Fixed names for several Operation Broken Fang patches to appear as different Steam Community Market commodities.
    – Fixed Sir Bloody Darryl’s death sound.
    – Fixed a regression with soft shadows under agents.
    – Fixed demo playback for the compatibility version of Mirage.
    – Added “Looking to Play: Guardian” for people looking to play Guardian and Strike missions with a partner.
    – Fixed mini-scoreboard alignment when showing player counts.
    – Removed vote to change map in Retakes.
    – Reduced round restart delay to 5 seconds in Retakes.
    – Fixed ping icons to show actual pinged weapon or bomb in all game modes.
    – Fixed ping icons to become transparent when player’s crosshair pointing directly at them.
    – Localization updates.
    – Improved stability.

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    Introducing Operation Broken Fang

    New challenges await with the all-new Retakes and the exclusive Broken Fang Premier. Play new maps across a variety of game modes and see how you measure up in the Operation Stats page. Complete weekly missions and choose from a variety of rewards including new agents, weapon collections, stickers, patches, and graffiti.

    Join the fight and take part in Operation Broken Fang!
    • Added Broken Fang Premier Mode.
    • Added Retakes game mode.
    • Added dynamic ping system to more game modes.
    • Added new customizable chat wheel feature.
    • Chat wheel can be customized under Keyboard/Mouse > Chat Wheel Keys options.
    • Added Ancient, Engage, and Apollo to Scrimmage, Casual and Deathmatch game modes.
    • Added Frostbite to Danger Zone game mode.
    • Added Guard and Elysion to Wingman game mode.
    • Removed Mutiny and Swamp.
    • Removed excessive details.
    • Generally smoothed visual experience.
    • Visual clarity improvements for very low resolution users.
    • Minor tweaks. (Thanks hzx_fps!)
    • Mild optimizations at the A Bombsite and Mid. — Finishing visual touches.

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Operation Broken Fang bei Steam (

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