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    New case hype


      Zitat von Reaper Beitrag anzeigen
      Cache has been updated by FMPONE and Volcano and is playable on official servers in Casual, Deathmatch, and Scrimmage.

      wichtiger, leider kein mm bisher ^^


        knife, awp und p90 sehen geil aus


          Das 1.6 knife ist also ein "Forest" skin? Also wird das billigste auch das beste.


            Zitat von TrES-4 Beitrag anzeigen
            Das 1.6 knife ist also ein "Forest" skin? Also wird das billigste auch das beste.
            Also wird es auch nicht billig :D


              Naja gut. Die droppen aber häufiger?


                das 1.6 knife ist doch einfach vanilla?


                  Release Notes for 10/23/2019

                  2019.10.23 -

                  [ MISC ]

                  – Helmet icon will now correctly disappear in HUD after armor points got reduced to zero. (thanks @jamesbardolph)

                  [ CS20 Sticker Capsule ]

                  – Updated material settings for the following stickers: Dragon Lore, CS20 Classic, Surf’s Up, Friend Code.
                  – Updated various sticker wear values and alpha masks.


                    neue opperation inc?


                      Starting today, CS:GO container keys purchased in-game can no longer leave the purchasing account. That is, they cannot be sold on the Steam Community Market or traded. Pre-existing CS:GO container keys are unaffected–those keys can still be sold on the Steam Community Market and traded.

                      Why make this change? In the past, most key trades we observed were between legitimate customers. However, worldwide fraud networks have recently shifted to using CS:GO keys to liquidate their gains. At this point, nearly all key purchases that end up being traded or sold on the marketplace are believed to be fraud-sourced. As a result we have decided that newly purchased keys will not be tradeable or marketable.

                      For the vast majority of CS:GO users who buy keys to open containers, nothing changes; keys can still be purchased to open containers in their inventory. They simply can no longer be traded or transacted on the Steam Community Market.

                      Unfortunately this change will impact some legitimate users, but combating fraud is something we continue to prioritize across Steam and our products.

                      If you have feedback or concerns about this change feel free to email us at CSGOTeamFeedback [at] with the subject “Key Restriction”.


                        Release Notes for 11/4/2019

                        2019.11.04 -

                        [ MAPS ]

                        – Breach has been updated to the latest version from Steam Community Workshop and is now available in Scrimmage mode on official servers.

                        Bombsite A
                        – Redesigned A long
                        – Removed entrance walls
                        – Removed pit
                        – Added blinds to A window
                        – Moved globe monument slightly
                        – Blocked access to top of SWAT van

                        Bombsite B
                        – Replaced vents with electrical room
                        – Reworked cover placement
                        – Improved bombsite markings

                        – Reduced number of firing angles in mid
                        – Redesigned B connector
                        – T paths to lower and upper mid have been combined
                        – CTs cannot push upper mid as quickly
                        – Fixed unintended angles in lower mid

                        – Redesigned CT spawn
                        – Removed glass in various places
                        – Fixed a bug where enemies outside of B could be spotted from mid
                        – Replaced the wall outside of B with a chain link fence – enjoy the view!
                        – Improved clipping
                        – Fix bomb stuck spots

                        – Cache has been updated to the latest version from Steam Community Workshop.

                        -Visual improvements and visibility increases map-wide.
                        -Fixed FPS drops in Z caused by bad model collision mesh. (Thanks Oakz!)
                        -Allowed planting closer to A site fence.
                        -Fixed pixel-walk on A site. (Thanks ALJN!)
                        -Fixed bomb-stuck spot by squeaky entrance from T side.
                        -Allowed players to hop onto forklift without crouch-jumping.
                        -Fixed bomb passing through B ramp displacement. (Thanks jorba666!)
                        -Fixed unusual collisions for grenades at Mid Boost.
                        -Fixed ability to see under cover at B. (Thanks g0gerff!)
                        -Fixed getting stuck on ladder at Mid. (Thanks wTy_!)
                        -Lowered boxes in corner of A Main. (Thanks Don Haci!)
                        -Fixed several wallbang bugs

                        – Seaside is no longer available in Scrimmage mode on official servers.

                        [ WORKSHOP ]

                        – Mac10 UV map has been updated.
                        – Mac10 cavity map updated to fix wear pattern discrepancies.
                        – If you have workshop feedback please send mail to CSGOTeamFeedback[at] with “Workshop” in the subject line.

                        [ MISC ]

                        – New users will now default to Casual game mode.