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    nades droppen ein traum.


      The Deagle's base damage was reduced from 63 to 53. Previously all guns had a 4x damage multiplier on headshots, but now the Deagle has a slightly lower 3.9x damage multiplier. To retain its one hit kill headshot range, the Deagle's damage reduction with distance was improved from a 19% loss at 500 units to 15%.

      In short, the Deagle's close range damage is now a bit lower, meaning that 2 body shots will kill less often as close range. It is still entirely possible to kill a full health opponent with 2 body shots though. Two shots to the stomach (1.25x damage modifier) will still kill from up to 650 units away. One shot to the chest plus one shot to the stomach should still kill up to 300 units away. Its one hit kill headshot range is nearly unchanged being at about 2000 units before and after the update.

      The M4A1-S's base damage was increased from 33 to 38. The headshot damage multiplier was reduced from 4x to 3.475x. This means that damage to the entire body except the head has increased significantly. Headshot damage is exactly the same pre-patch as it is post-patch. Higher base damage also means wallbanging effectiveness will be slightly improved.

      In short, the M4A1-S now deals significantly more damage to the body with headshot damage being unchanged. The M4A4 and pre-patch M4A1-S could kill a full health enemy with 4-5 body shots. Distance from the target as well as what body parts were hit (more stomach shots than chest shots often meant you'd kill in 4 shots) determined if it was 4 or 5 bullets. With these changes the M4A1-S is always going to be able to kill a full health opponent in 4 body shots, regardless of distance or body part hit (chest/arms, stomach, and legs)


        hat jemand ne ahnung wieso man die cases nicht verticken / kaufen kann?


          Zitat von Ice Beitrag anzeigen
          hat jemand ne ahnung wieso man die cases nicht verticken / kaufen kann?
          Du kannst dir Operation Sterne kaufen und dann die gegen Kisten eintauschen


            Release Notes for 9/22/2021

            2021.09.22 -

            – Fixed a rare incorrect game settings error when trying to play some game modes.
            – Fixed grenades ammo problem on servers with sv_infinite_ammo 1 setting.
            – Fixed a wave file fatal error when force precache launch setting was used.
            – Fixed a scrolling regression in workshop maps list.
            – Fixed material seams on several Guerrilla Warfare agents.
            – Fixed voice mismatch for Gendarmerie agents.
            – Fixed the name and voice of Elite Crew distinguished tier agent “Jungle Rebel | Elite Crew”.
            – Added several missing knife finish textures.

            – Updated lights.rad file with the latest lighting information for map creators.

            – Updated radar image to match the latest map changes.

            – Replaced env_sprites with clientside version
            – Removed point_spotlights
            – Replaced some of the physical props with non-networked versions
            – Updated radar image
            – Optimalisation


              Zitat von Dosuno. Beitrag anzeigen

              Du kannst dir Operation Sterne kaufen und dann die gegen Kisten eintauschen
              ich schreib es einfach nochmal für dich ok?
              hat jemand ne ahnung wieso man die cases nicht (AUF DEM MARKT (OLOL hätte nie einer gecheckt das ich das meine..)) verticken / kaufen kann?


                Zitat von Ice Beitrag anzeigen

                ich schreib es einfach nochmal für dich ok?
                hat jemand ne ahnung wieso man die cases nicht (AUF DEM MARKT (OLOL hätte nie einer gecheckt das ich das meine..)) verticken / kaufen kann?
                Dann musste wohl Google benutzen, mir hat gleich der erste Treffer die richtige Antwort geliefert


                  Zitat von Dosuno. Beitrag anzeigen

                  Dann musste wohl Google benutzen, mir hat gleich der erste Treffer die richtige Antwort geliefert


                    Release Notes for 9/23/2021

                    2021.09.23 -

                    – Fixed crash that would sometimes occur when users would play Danger Zone multiple times in a row.
                    – The giant X on the ground at the bombsite for Week 1 Guardian Mission It’s Raining Sharks will no longer disappear.
                    – Removed cl_forcepreload and the client launch option preload; these options were copy/pasted from configs on the internet but would cause crashes, slow loading times, and stuttering.
                    – T side will no longer be able to buy-via-donate the Riot Shield.
                    – The maximum cooldown penalty for griefing has been increased from 1 day to 14 days.
                    – Fixed bug in accept popup localized string.


                      Dust2 middle doors Problem solved xD


                        Release Notes for 10/7/2021

                        2021.10.07 -

                        [MUSIC KITS]
                        – Added the bbno$ – u mad! Music Kit, available in regular and StatTrak™ versions

                        – Danger Zone
                        — Respawning players are no longer able to select respawn locations that should have been prohibited by the spawnmask map
                        — Smoothed camera motion when using ExoJump

                        – Added new VO for Trapper and Trapper Aggressor agents
                        – Adjusted ragdoll physics

                        – Dust 2
                        — Re-tired visblocker from T spawn to mid
                        — Blocked unintended wallbang

                        – Insertion 2
                        — New glass texture for windows in office, to make it easier to see from inside if the glass is broken or not
                        — Other minor tweaks

                        – Ravine
                        — Fixed bomb stuck spot near spawn
                        — Clipping fixes
                        — Updated radar

                        – Basalt
                        — Added a reception desk to B Connector
                        — Added an additional window to Red Barn
                        — Removed railing on A for easier movement
                        — Visual upgrades to bombsite B
                        — Visual upgrades to Red Barn
                        — Added literature
                        — Added a fuzzy carpet
                        — Small visual upgrades across the whole map

                        – County
                        — Disabled physics on window at creek house
                        — Removed possibility to set metal frame of the quarry building in motion
                        — Set proper scale on metal containers
                        — Improved cliff models collision
                        — Clipped cave ceiling and wooden roofs in order to prevent players from getting stuck while using exojump
                        — Fixed collision on aspen tree models to prevent players from getting stuck
                        — Fixed global sound on bunker doors
                        — Fixed all reported stuck spots while jumping
                        — Increased fade distance for corn field
                        — Clipped beach part of the map to prevent players from escaping the map with bump mines
                        — Extended watertower ladder
                        — Fixed reported floating barrels/turrets
                        — Made waterfall floor more shallow so that the items can be picked up
                        — Closed of some of the rooms in haunted mansion
                        — Renovated haunted mansion
                        — Removed killzone on the left side of the bridge
                        — Optimizations


                          Release Notes for 10/15/2021

                          2021.10.15 -

                          [ MISC ]
                          – Fixed a bug where water footstep sounds would emit from spectating players’ death locations. (thanks /u/birkir and others on reddit)
                          – Bots will be able to open more Danger Zone doors.
                          – Stability improvements.

                          [ MAPS ]
                          – Fixed pixel gap through scaffolding near B

                          – Fixed many clipping issues (thanks Luar)
                          – Fixed missing nav mesh in lower A
                          – Updated radar
                          – Made map playable again by changing the license plates
                          – Various visual tweaks


                            Release Notes for 10/21/2021

                            2021.10.21 -

                            [STOCKHOLM 2021 CS:GO MAJOR CHAMPIONSHIP]
                            – The “Stockholm 2021 Viewer Pass” and the “Stockholm 2021 Viewer Pass + 3 Souvenir Tokens” are now available for purchase. 50% of the proceeds go to the teams and organizations taking part in the PGL Stockholm 2021 CS:GO Major Championship.
                            – With a Viewer Pass, you’ll get:
                            — An upgradable Stockholm 2021 Event Coin.
                            — Access to the Stockholm Pick’Em Challenge.
                            — Unlimited team graffiti for the duration of the event.
                            — team flair.
                            — Access to Stockholm 2021 Souvenir Packages.
                            – Team stickers and patches are available for purchase.

                            – Enabled grenade donation purchases from the buy wheel.
                            – Fixed a bug where spectators sometimes wouldn’t correctly see donated weapons.
                            – Fixed a bug where disconnected and reconnected players could exceed grenade purchase limits.

                            [AI – BEHAVIOR TREES]
                            – Added the following nodes: decorator_game_event, action_drop_active_weapon, action_inspect_current_weapon, action_standup, action_custom_buy.
                            – Added variables: BombIsBeingDefused, AccountBalance, IsBlind, BlindnessPercentage.
                            – Fixed a bug where node “condition_owns_item” wouldn’t work with “item_defuser” / “item_cutters”.
                            – Fixed a bug where bots would incorrectly include themselves when sensing other players.
                            – Added support for “team_filter” when sensing grenades.
                            – Node “action_wait” now supports “@convar” references.


                              Release Notes for 11/9/2021

                              2021.11.09 -

                              [STOCKHOLM 2021]
                              – Stockholm 2021 Autograph Capsules for Champions and Finalists are now available for purchase. 50% of the proceeds go to the players and organizations.

                              – A new music kit “Flashbang Dance” by The Verkkars & n0thing is now available for purchase in-game.

                              – Smoke grenades will ignore players when detonating over burning fires and tracing to ground.
                              – Stability fixes.

                              Insertion II
                              – Tweaked hostage rescue zone making it smaller around the back side
                              – Fixed issue behind pizza where weapons fell through the ground
                              – Added one extra cubicle and desk in orange office
                              – Fixed so you can fit inside the top of the slide in playground
                              – Removed glass from the salad bar prop in Pizza that was unbreakable
                              – Various graphical, clipping and collision issues fixed

                              – Upgrades to middle, visually and to the gameplay
                              – Fixed loud door sound
                              – Added a powerful selfboost at the T side of middle
                              – Cubby at middle is now deeper
                              – Added a new piece of cover in the wine room hallway
                              – Windows at middle are now broken into pieces due to a classic smoke grenade issue. Before, players were visible inside the smoke when close to the breakable windows (Thanks Dapplication)
                              – Removed raised planters at CT spawn and middle
                              – Changed some building architecture
                              – More glass is now breakable
                              – Removed clipping atop the coushin boxes at T main allowing for a new boost spot (Thanks Quoting)
                              – Replaced nodraw on rooftops with roof textures
                              – Lowered volume of the helicopter
                              – Small tweaks to clipping around the map
                              – Updated radar image


                                Kann mindestens jemand mit der smoke erklären? Raffen ich irgendwie nicht.