Hier ein kurzes Video zu meinem Malaysia Trip Ende Januar diesen Jahres (bin fast live!!) - der überaus gechillte Affe hat es auch mit rein geschafft :)


[27/01/2017] I have finally made it into South East Asia, entering through Malaysia’s Capital of Kuala Lumpur! The Petronas Towers are surely great to look at, but I had to get out into the nature quickly again and spent a few days on the Perhentian Islands before finishing it off at the Teluk Cempedak Beach. Great start!

Im Anschluss ging es dann nach Singapur, das Video mach ich die Tage fertig :)


[07/02/2017] Before entering Thailand, I have made a quick stop in the "fine" city of Singapore! You could get a big fine for crossing the street without green light or drinking water on the train- both of which I have done repeatedly. There is not too much to see here, but the Marina Bay Sands building and downtown is certainly worth checking out!